An Effective RAW NTFS Partition Recovery Software

“Hello, recently my 500GB Seagate FreeAgent GO drive malfunctioned due to unknown reasons due to which I was unable to access it. I had put a lot of efforts over the past few days. After connecting to different machine internally, I discovered that my hard disk NTFS partition has been deleted and the drive is now RAW! All my files and folders are still on the drive. I have scanned the HDD with some third party application and all data was still presented in it. Since my hard drive partition got deleted. I am a bit worried about this situation whether this application may recover. Can someone suggest me a good and widely used retrieval application to recover RAW NTFS partition? Thank you”

recover RAW NTFS partitionWell as a user irrespective of the hard disk drive brands you could simply lose data from your drive regardless of its causes. So the first thing you have to know after losing data from your RAW hard drive partition is to not lose hope and do not panic! As there are a lot and lots of emerging new RAW NTFS partition recovery utility by which you can easily get back data from RAW partitions. But, as a user you should carefully choose the RAW hard drive partition recovery application as some uncertified malware application can also lead in overwriting on the data presented in it or can also delete the data or might also result in a loss the data permanently. So, choosing the optimum tool is the first priority or the action needed. So, if your concern about your data from the deleted or lost RAW NTFS partition the why not chose this most widely used application “NTFS Recovery Software”.

Features of this tool:

  • This software is the most widely used program recommended by most of the individual computer users, organizations etc.
  • It a a certified utility which is bug-free, virus free, malware free and also corruption free.
  • This application never overwrites the data which got deleted or lost from the RAW NTFS hard drive partitions.
  • Apart from recovering data from the RAW NTFS partitions, it can be also used to get back data from various other RAW hard drive partitions file systems like FAT-32, FAT-16, ExFAT, NTFS5 and so on.
  • You can sort the retrieved files or folders which were presented on you deleted or lost RAW NTFS partition by name, size, date of creation, date of modification, data of deletion etc.
  • This tool can recover all your RAW hard drive partition file systems from both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Some of the reasons associated with data loss from NTFS partition:

  • While reinstalling/installing the operating system on your machine you could accidentally delete a hard drive partition. After installing the software you could find one of the partitions has gone missing and on disk management utility you can find your NTFS partition stating RAW.
  •  Apart from this sometimes you could also get following error message in your NTFS partition such as “drive:D is inaccessible. The parameter is incorrect” also “file is corrupt or unreadable. Please run Chkdsk utility to fix” etc. could make you forcefully format the NTFS partition which results in data loss.