Best Utility to Erase Files Permanently

In this advanced technology, due to the increase in memory size of the compact devices, everyone depends on the digital devices to store their crucial files. Digital devices like system hard drives stores all your files, folders, personal documents, etc which you might not want to share with others. But in some situation when you need to sell your system to others it will be necessary for you to erase all the files permanently from the computer. If you have erased all the files by simple delete option or Shift deleted key combination by Emptying Recycle Bin but still can be recovered all those files by using the recovery tool because when you erase any files from the computer it is not erased permanently but it only marks it as deleted and makes the free space that was previously used by that file.

Assume that you are having the memory card in which you have stored all your pictures, videos, music files, etc. One fine day you decided to sell that memory card to some stranger. You erased all those files just by using delete all option from your mobile phone in which memory card is being attached. After some time you come to know that all those erased files can be easily recovered by the stranger if he uses the recovery tool. Because you have also recovered erased files by using the recovery tool. In such situation, you will be thinking of how to shred files permanently from the memory card. Don’t worry it can be possible to erase all the files permanently by using this file eraser tool.

Some of the situation where file eraser is needed

  • Wiping search history: When you are using the public system or share another computer, if you don’t want people to see your searches then it is necessary to wipe your search history from the computer hard drive. This can be done by using this file eraser tool.
  • Maintenance of secret: Assume that you have assigned a secret project and you have developed on your system to make research and operations regarding that project. All of a sudden you were asked to change the system, in such an instance if you don’t want to let your project files to be public then you can use this file eraser tool to erase all the files forever.
  • Occupancy of memory space: When you encounter the situation like the files that you saved on the hard drive is infected by a virus and is not removed by deleting then it will be necessary for you to delete those files forever as it consumes more memory space with no usage. Hence these files can be erased permanently by using this tool.

To overcome all the above-mentioned scenarios you can use file eraser tool that effectively erases all the files permanently from the computer hard drive.

Some of the features of this software are mentioned below

  • This tool also provides you an option called “wipe free disk space” to erase previously deleted files beyond recovery from a drive.
  • This is the perfect file eraser software to erase sensitive data from different versions of OS like Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Win server, etc.
  • This software has a context menu integrated option that helps in Erasing files or any folders anywhere from the Windows and also it erases links to recycled files.
  • You can easily demolish files stored on various partitions like FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 formatted hard drive partitions.

Download the free demo version of this erasure tool from the internet and you will definitely come to know the efficiency of this software.