Easily Repair .mov File Which is Unable to Play in QuickTime

QuickTime is the media player which is developed by the Apple Inc. The quick time media player is mainly used to play the video files and movie file etc. QuickTime player is capable of supporting different file format of media files as images, videos and movies etc. QuickTime player is used for encoding audio and video file from one format to the other format.

Sometimes it is noticed that the .mov file is unable to play in QuickTime player the reason may be .mov file corruption. In this case the computer user gets worried and thinks how to solve this Unable to play .mov file in QuickTime.

Reasons due to which QuickTime player is unable to play the MOV file

QuickTime Error: Sometimes the QuickTime player users will get in to trouble when the QuickTime player shows the error message like “Error 2048: Could not open the file”. This error mainly indicates that .mov file is corrupted.

Interruptions during File Format ConversationIn most of the cases it has been seen that the QuickTime users will change the one video file format to the other video file format. In such case if any interruption occurs then it leads to the .mov file corruption.

Storage Media Corruption: It can be noticed that because of many reasons the storage media may get corrupt. In this case the files which are present on the storage medium may also get corrupted which includes .mov file. If you play the mov files in QuickTime Player in such case it will not play such corrupted files.

Abrupt System Shutdown: If you’re playing MOV file in a Quick Time player at that point of time if your system shutdown abruptly then there is chance of MOV file corruption. Once the file is corrupted then it can’t be possible to open such corrupted MOV file.

Features which are related to QuickTime Repair Tool

  • This repair tool can be used to repair .mov file on the QuickTime player on Windows and Mac system.
  • This advanced tool will separate both video and audio streams and once the repair process is done then it will produce the new video file.
  • By using deep scanning algorithm it can be possible to perform the large sized video files includes the MOV file.
  • This application has a capability to fix corrupted MOV file which are corrupted due to any of the reasons.
  • It has simple user interface which allows a novice user to comfortably accomplish the repair task of unplayable .mov file.
  • Making use of this tool it can also possible to repair QuickTime MOV files for iTunes. To know more regarding iTunes repair then visit this link: http://www.repairquicktime.com/for-itunes.html
  • This tool has equipped with “preview” option which allows a user to examine the .mov file repair process before going to purchase the full version of QuickTime Repair Tool.
  • Once the MOV file has been fixed successfully then it facilitates you to store it on some desired location on to system.