Guidelines on How to Fix Broken AVI File Permanently

fix damaged AVIAVI is a multimedia container format that stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is one of the most accepted and widely used video formats as compared to other video file formats. AVI has separate audio and video stream, while playing it will merge together. AVI has crystal clear sound and high quality video. Despite of all the advanced features, sometimes you may face corruption of AVI files due to some known or unknown reasons. You can’t repair corrupt files without using any reliable repairing software.

Have you ever faced AVI file corruption or damage issue in your system? If yes, then don’t worry. One of the most reliable and efficient tool to repair damaged AVI file is “Fix Damaged AVI” Software. You can repair any type of AVI files without changing its original file. This utility is used by many experts and common people just because of its good performance.

Reasons for AVI file corruption or damage:

  • AVI file corruption while changing its file format: While, you are trying to convert AVI to any other file format and if there is any sudden interruption occurs then there are lot of chance for AVI file to get damage.
  • Header corruption: Header of the AVI file stores many of the important information related to AVI file. Due to some reason, if the header file may get corrupted then this could result in corrupting the AVI file.
  • Error in the media player: Media player is used to play different types video file format including AVI files. However, some of the media players do not supports the codec of AVI file. On playing AVI file in such a media player could end up in damaging the AVI file.
  • Using unreliable third party tool: Usually there are many unreliable third party tools which are used for different tasks. For example, if you this third party application and try to modify the resolution and file format of AVI videos, it may result in damaging the AVI file.

Features of fix damaged AVI software:

  • This utility has the most powerful scanning algorithm that scan AVI file without damaging original file and fix broken AVI files permanently.
  • This software can easily repair corrupted or damaged AVI file on Mac as well as in Windows operating system which is unable to play on any media players like VLC, QuickTime etc.
  • The repairing tool facilitates to save and play the repaired AVI video to its desired destination.
  • This tool repairs AVI file stored in different portable storage devices like external hard drives, flash memory cards XD, SD , USB external drives , Fire wire drives etc.
  • By using this program you can fix the damaged AVI files in “few mouse clicks”.
  • This utility offers one of the optimum features whereas no other repairing software provides may not provide i.e.  you can preview the repaired AVI files before saving it.