Do you want to fix invalid zip files corrupted from CRC error

Is your Zip file is corrupted and you have no backups to get the data? This question can easily trouble to those peoples who don’t know anything about repairing of Zip files. Before focusing on these scenarios here are few types of problem that causes error in the Zip files or may delete it sometimes.

Reasons that could cause invalid Zip file error

CRC Error after opening: This is the error causes with Zip files. CRC is a technique that is used in order to do the digital data transmission that to check the accuracy of those transferred files. When the files are added and extracted then it calculates CRC value that too for each file. This calculation is for those added files in Zip and after it compares the values of those files with CRC value for same file when they are extracted. In case if the values matches then it is easy to open it but when it does not match the value WinZip throws an error. The cause of this error is due to incomplete transmission of Zip files.

Antivirus scanning of files using tools: Antivirus is third party tool that is installed in the system and is used to protect the files on system from different threats like Trojans and Worms. Suppose in a case if you scan a device that is keeping a zip file which had been infected by a virus. Though it is infected but accessible then this tools keep that files in vault. Later when the antivirus find that files is still accessible then it delete the files anonymously. When the Zip is deleted then the entire compressed file inside the Zip are deleted.

Changing the existing extension of files: – When user strategies to change the file extension and if accomplish it then this could result in inaccessible state with files. User for their convenience changes the file extension of the using some sort of third party tools. Tool they used for conversion if fails then this effect directly to the structure of files. After the files reach to inaccessible state and is useless for user.

However, there are few precautionary steps which are always recommended. Before facing the data corruption in files you can use the precautionary steps. The steps I am talking about taking backup of those Zip files which are important to you. The best part to take backups is to use the strong sources like hard disk and also the some other medium to store the data. Apart to skip from corruption of Zip files you can also use the spyware protection tool. If you want to really convert the file then you can take help of that person who all are expert in file conversion etc.

Other than this if your Zip is corrupted then you need not to worry as you can use the repairing tools. The software is best to fix invalid Zip files and can get all the compressed files in it. The files which are corrupted due to CRC errors they can also be fixed using the tool. If you have any corrupted Zip files then you can check it by your own. Using software is as easy as it comes with the snap shots of each step and with try version as well. If you really want you can try out this link (

How to recover Zip file? This is only the question I guess you are keeping in mind as you are clear with repairing of files. No worries, using the advance version of the software you can even recover the lost or deleted Zip files and not only Zip files but also other files.