How to Repair Corrupted PSD

Hi, is your PSD files got corrupted and are you searching for the prominent tool to fix your corrupted PSD file then you are at the right location. Corruption of PSD file has become normal these days and by using PSD Repair Software any of you can repair corrupted PSD file with utmost ease.

About PSD:

Adobe Photoshop is a popular image editing application that is widely used by many people around the world in the current era. The picture which has lack of high resolutions due to a bad camera, night effects, etc. can be edited by using this application in order to increase the brightness of pictures, add effects, changing its backgrounds, changing its existing colors and so on. Images which are created or edited by this application are usually saved in .psd file format and Adobe Photoshop also allows PSD to edit the photos even after saving. PSD files can only be viewed if the user has installed Adobe Photoshop on their PC/Laptop.

This application has a lot of advantages but still, PSD file may get corrupted due to the abrupt termination of Adobe application, system freeze, hard drive crash, software conflicts and many others. Luckily, by using PSD Repair Software user can repair corrupted PSD file in just few mouse clicks.

Reasons responsible for PSD file corruption:

Malware Infection: Malware is always a serious threat to any system. It can enter your respective device through any downloaded files or by receiving of files from virus infected system and so on. Once the malicious virus enters your hard disk then it may corrupt any of your essential files which include PSD files.

Improper Upgrading of Adobe Application: Whenever there is a new version available, your device may notify you to upgrade to enjoy new features in it. While performing this task, if you encounter any error such as sudden system shutdown due to power failure, sudden system re-boot, internet failure, etc. then it may result in corrupt PSD file and makes the file inaccessible.

Improper Downloading of PSD File: If the PSD file is not downloaded properly due to slow internet connection or internet failure then that particular PSD file has a possibility to get corrupted or broken.

Above stated are some major scenarios for PSD file to get corrupted or damaged. However whatever may be the reason you can make use of PSD Repair Software to repair corrupted or broken PSD file very easily.

Attractive Features of PSD Repair Software:

PSD Repair Software is a popular utility suggested by many industry experts to fix corrupted or damaged PSD file in a short period of time. Apart from PSD file, this software has an ability to repair RLE compressed PSD file, PDD files and its layer. Besides, this tool allows a user to repair corrupted PSD file along with its color mode such as RGB color, CMYK color, Bitmap and so on. By using this prominent tool, a user can repair corrupted PSD and PDD file which are large in size, PSD file with the depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bit per channel. This utility can be installed and used in both Windows and Mac Operating system. To know more about PSD Repair Software, go to this link:   

File Shredding Software

Security of the top secret data is a figuring out element in any business. There are several files or information in the company premises which should not be disclosed to anyone unwanted person other than some particular individual within the of the from Disclosing of the confidential data to the unauthorized person could potentially cause great trouble for the business

For this specific purpose, one could believe that deleting of secret data would achieve the objective of escaping the files from stepping into unwanted hands. You may even imagine doing the following approach to delete your computer data permanently from PC.

•    Formatting of hard drive

•     Partition Formatting

•     Deleting the files by utilizing “Shift + Delete” key combination

These kinds of attempts will lead to temporary deletion of information that may be restored with the aid of recovery software. If you wish to delete your computer data eternally then shred file free application is the foremost tool which could delete the data through the use of shredding technique. It exploits nine ways to overwrite files or drive simultaneously protecting your computer data from getting disclosed to other people. These nine files shredding techniques are right here.

  • VSITR standard
  • NATO standard
  • DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD
  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • DOD Standard 5220.22.M
  • Peter Gutmann Method
  • DoD 5220.22-M + Peter Gutmann Method

Each one of the above file shredding methods has different shredding patterns to overwrite the files and drives. This is actually the most dependable approach to conserve the secrecy of one’s confidential files and information. You must take advantage of this tool for safe deletion of the files which needs to be saved from false hands. To delete files permanently free you have to install this well-known software on the system. It’s a secure and excellent file shredding tool to shred your crucial files and folders by removing them permanently beyond the repossession level.

Scenarios where you May use this Software

  • Whenever you’re going to sell your laptop or desktop you’ll want to remove each of the data residing on the hard disk drive of PC. If that’s the case use this unfailing tool to eliminate your computer data permanently through the hard disk of your of your respective PC or laptop.
  • In the specific situation in case, your system is used by lots of people so you planned to eliminate the secrete data forever to ensure that no-one can sign up any confidential document, image, report, PPT, etc. out of your PC. This mainly occurs in an organization when the computer of a single employee is used on another employ.

Here is the tremendous free software application to a shred of your respective confidential files or information saved in partitions, drives, hard drives, etc. from being utilized by other unwanted people. Go to grab this software immediately, it could save your lots of detail, information, documents and all sorts of other valuable and secrete stuff from getting disclosed. It over writes the chosen files or you can also select a whole drive for permanent deletion of information within it. Using this method you will successfully delete all the details which you feel as if to protected and can’t be accessed by an unauthorized person.

Tool to Recover Corrupted Data

Recover pictures from hard driveHave your files get corrupted from hard drive? If yes no need to worry, Recover Corrupted tool is an essential application used to repair and restore corrupted files from any data storage device such as hard drives, external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, etc. This software is free from several kinds of harmful virus and malware programs. With the assistance of this software, you are able to recover corrupted files such as media files (audio, video and images), PDF file, PSD file, ZIP file, Office document file, etc. You can purchase this application online to recover corrupted as well as damaged files.

Few benefits of Recover Corrupted Tool

  • Restore corrupted files from data storage device on Windows and Mac systems
  • Recover almost 300 file types including generic as well as RAW file types
  • With the recovery tool, you are able to recover corrupted as well as formatted drive
  • Scans entire drive to recover corrupted within fraction of minutes

Some of the reasons for corruption of data

Use of unreliable recovery software: Sometimes recovery tool is not capable enough to recover deleted or lost files from data storage device. In such situation, data get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Virus or Malware programs: When the system is connected to infected drive then there are higher chances for virus attack. When virus entered into the system, the file may get corrupted and user is unable to access the infected file.

File system corruption: The file system of any data storage device contain information about location of files and folder. Due to virus attack, file system get corrupted as result of which user is unable to sort out files and lose access of data.

Other factors: some other factors responsible for corruption of file are conversion of file format, sudden interruption, bad sectors, etc.

You can use this software to overcome above mentioned scenarios with few simple and effective steps. This software is compatible with all the latest operating systems such as Mavericks, Lion, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Features of Recover Corrupted Tool

  • You can launch this application to recover corrupted file on Windows and Mac system. The system requires only 50MB space on drive for proper installation.
  • With this recovery tool, you can repair and recover corrupted as well as damaged files from laptops or computers.
  • This software is compatible in recovering corrupted files from memory card, hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, camcorders, SD card, etc.
  • The demo version of recover corrupted tool is available on website for free. You can easily download and recover deleted, lost or corrupted file from drives.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures from Hard Drive?

Accidentally deleted important pictures from your systems hard drive? Feeling frustrated by thinking how to recover them? If this is the scenario then you stepped at right place. Here is good news for you which help to fix your problem. It doesn’t matter whether the pictures are deleted accidentally or deleted due some unexpected reasons, you can easily recover delete or lost pictures from the hard drive with the help of Photo Recovery software.Recover pictures from hard driveAs we all know that hard drive is the main storage drive in the PC’s and laptops which permits the user to store huge amount of data such as pictures, music, audio, documents, applications, games, spreadsheets, etc.Sometimes you might come across the situations like deletion or loss of important pictures and some other files from the hard drive. No need to worry under such scenarios, use this Photo Recovery software which has the potential to recover pictures from hard drive with great ease. This application is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

Reasons behind the deletion or loss of pictures from hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion is one of the main scenarios behind the deletion of pictures from hard drive. While deleting some unwanted pictures, user might select some important pictures and hit Shift + Delete operation.
  • At the time of moving the pictures from systems internal hard drive to some other external storage drive if any interruption takes place like improper ejection of external drive, power surges, abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it results in deletion or loss of important pictures from hard drive.
  • While re-installing the OS older version to new version it is required to format the hard drive partition. If you unintentionally format the wrong partition then it results in the deletion of entire pictures from that hard drive partition.
  • Apart from above reasons some other factors like virus attacks, bad sectors, file system corruption, unreliable third party tools, hard drive crash, emptying Recycle Bin and Trash folder also results in the deletion or loss of pictures from the hard disk drive.

Unique Features of Photo Recovery Software:

This software helps to recover pictures from hard drive on all the versions of Windows OS (such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 & Windows server 2008) and Mac operating systems including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc. It is used for recovering pictures of various file formats like JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW etc.  With the help of this application it is very easy to perform photo recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+ and HFSX hard drive partitions. This reliable tool also helps to retrieve deleted or lost pictures from various external storage drives like pen drives, USB flash drive, SD cards, memory cards, FireWire drives, etc. It is used to recover pictures from various memory storage devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, Fire Wire drives, etc. This application is also used to recover pictures from formatted, inaccessible hard drives.

Acer Predator 8 Review

Not all android tablets area unit created equal. Some slates focus specifically on youngsters, whereas others concentrate on productivity. Within the case of the Acer Predator 8 tablet ($299 as reviewed), the main focus is on games. Sporting AN jumpy style with an excellent show and 4 front-facing speakers for loud sound, the Predator eight delivers solid performance. There is even a rumble feature thus you’ll be able to feel the action (although solely in a very number of titles thus far). However, subpar battery life keeps the tablets from rising to the extent of AN apex predator, and Nvidia has an excellent higher possibility for gamers.


Behold, the edgiest tablets all told the land! Acer has adorned the Predator 8 in a black, dark gray and red that at the same time screams “gamer” and “trying too laborious.” it is not that the tablets does not look nice, it’s simply got lots occurring. Take the rear panel, for instance; it’s fabricated from 3 completely different materials.

The top and bottom of the display area unit wrapped in the anodized metallic element. A try of thick, red bands produces a visible border for the center panel that is comprised of the brushed metallic element with an oversized, shiny chrome Predator emblem smack dab within the middle. The black soft-touch grip pads create durable handholds. The rear 5-megapixel camera is within the middle of the left grip.

On the front of the tablets, you will see a lot of the gray-and-red color scheme. Other than the 8-inch show, the primary factor you may notice regarding the Predator eight area unit the four red-tinted speakers. The 2MP camera is found at the highest of the device, whereas a shiny chrome Acer badge sits on the bottom edge. The slate’s right aspect homes the facility button and volume rocker, and alone microSD slot sits on the left. The small USB port and phone jack reside at the highest.

Measuring eight.6 x 5 x 0.3 inches and deliberation twelve.4 ounces, the Predator eight is slimmer and lighter than the Nvidia protect tablets (8.8 x 5 x 0.36 inches, 13.7 ounces). however compared with the Apple iPad mini four (10.4 ounces), the Asus ZenPad S8 (10.6 ounces) and also the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9.3 ounces), the Acer may be an adult heavyweight.

Battery Life

With a reputation like Predator, this tablet does not have abundant endurance. The slate lasted solely five hours and thirty-six minutes on our battery check (continuous net aquatics over Wi-Fi at a hundred and fifty units), well below the 9:11 average. All of the most competitors lasted a minimum of AN hour longer. The project clocked in with a time of 8:34, whereas the iPad mini four lasted a banging 9:23.

exFAT Recovery Software – Recover Files from exFAT Partition

Brief Details on exFAT File System for Those Who are Unaware of It –

exFAT is a Microsoft propriety file system developed to fill the gap between FAT32 and NTFS file system. The major advantage of exFAT file system is it can store files larger than 4GB, and its maximum file size limit is 16 Exbibyte in short EiB. exFAT file system helps the growing needs of media storage and other portable devices. The file system incorporates many improvements over FAT32 though keeps the simplicity of FAT based file system.exFAT recovery,recover exFAT

Perhaps some limitations of exFAT file system are: no support for encryption or compression, cannot create RAID array, requires additional programs to support on Linux. Furthermore when the data is deleted or lost from the drive there is no support for data recovery. Thus you will have to depend on some third party tools to recover lost data.

Some scenarios where you may lose your data from exFAT file system:

  • exFAT is specially optimized for use with flash drives, as a result any user deleting a file / folder with simple delete option will end up losing the file permanently
  • Format of drive can result in complete loss of files. The reason behind format can be unawareness of the option, accidentally selecting the option, inaccessibility of drive due to corruption, file system damage and many other aspects
  • File transfer is common with flash drives, in case you suddenly eject the drive when there is file transfer in progress then there are possibilities of data loss from exFAT partition
  • Partition deletion, extend, shrink and other partition related work requires some amount of skills in order to efficiently accomplish the task. Therefore if the process of partitioning goes wrong then you will have to lose the files completely

Luckily you can recover the data that is lost from exFAT partition without any difficulty, make use of ExFAT Recovery Software to recover exFAT partition data.

Features of ExFAT Recovery Software

  • The tool can be handy to recover data from flash drive, memory card, camera card and other storage devices, furthermore the tool can support recovery from RAW storage devices, crashed hard drive, deleted partition and many others
  • Apart from exFAT file system the tool can support file recovery from FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS, NTFS5, HFS
  • It can recover various kinds of files such as documents, photos, audio files, video files and almost all kinds of files
  • Once files are recovered from exFAT partition you will be able to view the recovered files, by this way you can know the ability of the tool before purchase
  • Recovered data from the partition can be saved in compressed manner so that one can save disk space
  • Safe and secure recovery of the files that are lost from exFAT partition
  • Can be installed on popular operating systems of Windows and Mac

Helpful Tips

Make sure you have backup of the drive before format

Do not eject the drive suddenly if there is any kind of data transfer in progress

Know More About The Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac Users

I am sure that most of the Mac users know Command C means copy and Command V means paste but there are other useful shortcuts which make a Mac user’s life much easier. Just go through some of the important shortcut for Mac users.15-keyboard-shortcuts-mac-users-need-100638625-primary.idge


  • Minimize the front app window to Dock
  • Press Command Option M to minimize all the windows belonging to the front app

Command and Option

  • Just hold Command and Option down and click anywhere on your desktop, if you cannot see the desktop for all open apps.


  • Select this button when in Finder or Desktop view to get to the Applications folder
  • Replace the A with U to open the Utilities folder in a new Finder window



  • Fastest way to make a search
  • Navigate to a Website in Safari
  • Command L immediately selects the address bar


  • Open application switcher


  • Show/ hide the Dock from the most apps

Fn-left arrow or right arrow

  • Jump directly to the top or bottom of a Web page using the Fn key a

Command-left/right arrows

  • Press Command and the left arrow to go back a page in the browser window
  • Press Command right to go forward again

Understand the Differences between Basic Disks and Dynamic Disks

The most apparent difference between basic and dynamic disks is in operating system support. Since all versions of Windows operating system even support DOS basic disks, we cannot state the same for dynamic disks. The later versions of Windows operating system, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, support dynamic disks.

Basic disks

As the name suggest, basic disks are one that IT pros are most common with, and the usual terms and technologies apply. For ex, basic disks mainly contain primary partition, extended partition, and logical drive. While using primary partition, Windows based systems can also support striping process and software RAID sets. However, some Windows operating system such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 do not support striping process and software RAID sets for basic disk.

Basic disk mainly use partition (in later versions of Windows OS like Windows 7 and Windows 8 which is also called volume) to handle data, and one partition can’t share and splits data with other partition. On basic hard drive, we are able to create 2 styles of partition, named MBR style partition and GPT style partition.

Dynamic disks

Dynamic disk supports new feature and sport new terminology. Take a look at the several types of volumes that you can create with dynamic disk.

Dynamic disk mainly uses dynamic volumes to operate data. It is separate form of volume management system that allows one available volume to have non-contiguous extents on one or more physical drives. Dynamic disk uses a database to track the information about all volumes available on the disk as well as the information about other dynamic disk, and location of database can be determined by partition style of the drive.

Note: Refer this page to know more differences between basic disks and dynamic disks.

How to Minimize Data Usage on Computer/Laptop?

Usually while browsing on computer by connecting internet from mobile phones or other any device, people prefer to make less use of data. Data usage will be more on computer/laptop while tethering, because of updating computer software or displaying images and videos in large size automatically. Due to which data cannot be used up to our data plan. In such situation you need to minimize data usage on computer/laptop. Now you may be thinking, how to minimize data usage on computer/laptop?

chrome-android-reduce-data-usage-graphThere are few tips by which you can minimize data usage on computer while tethering. Following are some tips:

1) Set as Metered:

While tethering in Windows you should set connection as metered. This will stop download any critical updates and Windows Store apps may stop data usage.

To set metered, click network icon on bottom of the taskbar. Charms bar with all connections will pop up. Right click the tethering connection to which you need do metered and click on “set as metered connection”.

2) Choose Your Browser:

Opera and Google Chrome are the two browsers, in which you can reduce data usage. Opera have inbuilt new feature (Turbo) that will compress data automatically via Opera’s server before it is sent to computer. In Google chrome you can reduce data usage by not downloading images so that data used to display images will be saved and set plugins as click-to-run only.

Settings in Chrome to Reduce Data Usage:

  • Steps to Disable Images:

Select Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings> Images > Do not show any images.

  • Steps to Click to Run Plugins:

Select Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Plug-ins > Click to play.

Setting in Opera to turn on Turbo:

Click the main menu button placed in the upper left corner and select Opera Turbo from the drop down menu.

3) Disable your cloud:

Last tip is to disable your cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Click service icon present in the lower right corner on taskbar, pop-up window will be appeared. There you click Dropbox, again a window will pop-up, click setting icon in the upper right corner and select pause syncing.

By following the above mentioned tricks you can easily save data usage. When you come back to regular internet usage then resume syncing and allow images to display and download.

Guidelines on How to Fix Broken AVI File Permanently

fix damaged AVIAVI is a multimedia container format that stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is one of the most accepted and widely used video formats as compared to other video file formats. AVI has separate audio and video stream, while playing it will merge together. AVI has crystal clear sound and high quality video. Despite of all the advanced features, sometimes you may face corruption of AVI files due to some known or unknown reasons. You can’t repair corrupt files without using any reliable repairing software.

Have you ever faced AVI file corruption or damage issue in your system? If yes, then don’t worry. One of the most reliable and efficient tool to repair damaged AVI file is “Fix Damaged AVI” Software. You can repair any type of AVI files without changing its original file. This utility is used by many experts and common people just because of its good performance.

Reasons for AVI file corruption or damage:

  • AVI file corruption while changing its file format: While, you are trying to convert AVI to any other file format and if there is any sudden interruption occurs then there are lot of chance for AVI file to get damage.
  • Header corruption: Header of the AVI file stores many of the important information related to AVI file. Due to some reason, if the header file may get corrupted then this could result in corrupting the AVI file.
  • Error in the media player: Media player is used to play different types video file format including AVI files. However, some of the media players do not supports the codec of AVI file. On playing AVI file in such a media player could end up in damaging the AVI file.
  • Using unreliable third party tool: Usually there are many unreliable third party tools which are used for different tasks. For example, if you this third party application and try to modify the resolution and file format of AVI videos, it may result in damaging the AVI file.

Features of fix damaged AVI software:

  • This utility has the most powerful scanning algorithm that scan AVI file without damaging original file and fix broken AVI files permanently.
  • This software can easily repair corrupted or damaged AVI file on Mac as well as in Windows operating system which is unable to play on any media players like VLC, QuickTime etc.
  • The repairing tool facilitates to save and play the repaired AVI video to its desired destination.
  • This tool repairs AVI file stored in different portable storage devices like external hard drives, flash memory cards XD, SD , USB external drives , Fire wire drives etc.
  • By using this program you can fix the damaged AVI files in “few mouse clicks”.
  • This utility offers one of the optimum features whereas no other repairing software provides may not provide i.e.  you can preview the repaired AVI files before saving it.