How to Undo Deleted Files in an Easy Way?

In the world of computers, a file contain piece of information that are stored on the system’s internal hard drive or any other storage medium. There are different types of files such as PDF, word documents, audios, pictures, software’s, videos or other collection of data. All these files are essential for the users in some or the other way, it may contain information related to their business or other purpose.

undo deleteHowever, it is not guarantee that the files saved in the computer or other storage device will remain permanently. There are some instances, where user might have erased their important files from memory cards, hard disk, external hard disk, camcorders, mobile phones, pen drives and more in various scenarios like accidental deletion or formatting device, virus attack, abruptly system shut downs, etc. These kinds of situation put users in weird condition and think what they have done to their files. How to perform undo delete operation to get back the deleted files?

Have you lost important files from PC or any other storage media?

Searching for the solution to restore those deleted files? If yes, do not worry! Because most of the user thinks, that files saved on the PC will remain last long. Sometimes, the files stored in the PC may be deleted or lost due to some reasons. If you really want to recover deleted files, then keep reading this article carefully. Here, I provide the detailed explanation about one of the most trusted software, which is most reliable and safe and secure to get back files efficiently and it is possible by utilizing Undo Delete Software.

It is cost effective, non-destructive and read only data application. This software is build by group of IT industrial and it has a powerful search algorithm which scans the entire hard drive or other storage devices and search for the deleted files and displays the retrieved data onto the screen for user before prior to save. This program is 100% safe and secure and free from virus. It has the ability to undo deleted files of various types such as document files, audios, photos, videos and many other files. Let’s have a glance on few scenarios in which the files are stored on a hard drive or any other storage devices may get deleted or loss.


  • If you not using updated antivirus software in the system, then there is more chance for the system or other storage media to get infected by viruses and worms. These viruses may infect the files stored in hard drives or even delete the files and resulting in deletion of files.
  • If the system shut downs due to logical problem in OS, when transferring the files from the system to other storage devices. This may cause user deletion or loss of important files.
  • Sometimes, instead of formatting the other hard drive partition user might have accidentally formatted wrong partition which was contained precious files and it cause user complete loss of files.
  • There are few more reasons which lead to deletion or loss of files which includes MBR corruption, files get stored in the bad sectors of the hard disk, files deleted by third party application, recycle bin is emptied, etc.

Know How to Undelete Files from Flash Drive

Flash drive is a storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. These drives are comes in various advanced features such as compact in size, portability, store huge amount of data depends upon its size, safe and secure data in effective manner.

Sometimes, file get loss from USB flash drive due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, file system corruption, etc. Due to these reasons fie get loss from USB flash drive and you can’t access the deleted files from flash drives such as pen drives, etc. In this condition, you may get tensed up and start thinking that how to undelete files from flash drive?  Don’t be tensed! Because, now it is possible simple situation to recover deleted files form flash drive with the help of Undelete Flash Drive tool without any difficulties.

Common scenarios behind the deletion of files from flash drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while deleting a junk files on system you may unintentionally select and delete precious files by pressing delete button on computer can leads to deletion of files from flash drive.
  • Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, while you formatting a drive which contain garbage files or displaying an errors on the computer screen, you may accidentally select and formatting the drive which contain essential files, which may cause of delete or loss of files on system
  • Antivirus Tool: In some situations the third party applications that you use to protect your computer may also take you away from the files you have stored in your computer. Like some antivirus programs will delete the files infected by virus without giving any warning.
  • File Transfer Corruption: Sometimes, while transferring files from flash drive to system and vice versa, you abrupt ejection  of flash drive from system without clicking on eject option, as a result of this you may loss files from flash drive.

There are common reasons behind the deletion of files form flash drive on Windows and Mac operating system. If you want to undelete files from flash drive under from these scenarios then you can make use of reliable program to recover deleted files, the name of this reliable program is undelete flash drive software.

Significant Features of Undelete Flash Drive Software:

  • This undelete flash drive program specially designed to recover deleted files from flash drive on all latest version of Windows including XP, Vista, 2007, 2008, etc. and Mac including Lion Mountain, Leopard, Mavericks, and so on.
  • This application restores deleted files stored on file system like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and EXFAT file system partition of hard drives.
  • It has ability to recover files from formatted, damaged and corrupted different hard drives types such as SCSI, IDE and SATA.
  • This is capable of recovering deleted files from various storage devices such as external USB flash drive or pen drives, memory cards or stick, etc.
  • The program to recovered deleted files from flash drive before saving them to a desired location in internal as well external drive location.

Here’s How to Recover SSD Hard Disk Drive

SSD recovery toolIts common wisdom that deleted files can`t be recovered from a solid-state drive. But what if, I will tell you that actually you can recover SSD. Surprise!! You should not be. Deleted data can be recovered from not only traditional mechanical hard drive but also from SSD. However it may be difficult for the internal drives but for USB flash drives and external SSD can be recovered easily.

Good news isn`t it? The reason behind we were able to recover deleted files from traditional mechanical hard drives is, the file isn`t actually deleted. Instead the data is left on the hard disk and marked as unworthy to use. Your OS will use this vacant space whenever it needed more space by overwriting the data. Due to simple fact that deleting a file completely will take a lot more time than Overwriting, your OS prefer this process. Because bits of deleted files are intact there, Software tools can scan the drives unused space and recover anything that hasn’t yet been used.

But solid-state drive works in a different way. It is essential to clear the memory cell before updating the space with new data. New drives come empty, so writing to them is as fast as possible. On a full drive with deleted data still lying around, the process of writing to the drive is slower because each sector must be emptied first to write it again. This slows down the SSD drive with time. To fix this TRIM command was introduced. When your OS deletes a file, it sends TRIM command to clear those sectors to speed up the process o writing to that sector in the future. But this makes practically even harder to recover SSD.

The big catch here is TRIM works only for Internal Drives. TRIM is supported over USB or Fire Wire interfaces. In other words, when you delete a file from a USB flash drive, external solid-state drive, SD card, or another type of solid-state memory, your deleted files sit around in memory and can be recovered.

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t managed to restore your file yet, the only way you’re getting that file back is with file-recovery software. However, there’s some bad news: This may be impossible on some computers. Very old solid-state drives and old operating systems like Windows Vista don’t support TRIM, but modern solid-state drives and Windows 7 and 8 all support TRIM.

The Safest Way to Recover Solid State Drive

If you deleted a file on a magnetic hard drive and you’re still using that computer, the safest thing to do is shut down the computer immediately. If you continue using the computer — even if you’re just installing file-recovery software — it’s possible that a program on your computer could write to the disk and that data could overwrite the deleted file’s data on your hard drive.

With the computer shut down, you should boot from a file-recovery live CD or USB drive or remove the hard drive from the computer entirely and place it in another computer as a secondary drive. The key is to avoid writing to the drive entirely. Use file-recovery software to scan the drive, and hopefully you’ll find the deleted file. If you deleted the file recently and haven’t written to the drive much, you have fairly good odds of recovering it. If you deleted the file two weeks ago and have written to the drive quite a bit, it’s very unlikely that the file will be recoverable.

Download Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for FREE

Hard drive is one of the prominent data storage devices used to store data on a PC. Generally hard drives are off two types namely external and internal. Both of the type’s functionalities are same; to store data. But the difference is, external hard drives are of removable type and internal hard drives are fixed inside of your Computer. Hard drives are well-known for their huge storage capabilities, excellent transfer rate, high performance etc. hard drives can store all kind of data in it including documents, pictures, songs, movies, applications, games, software files, video files, and many other important data.

At times, you may land in certain situations, where your data from your hard drive might have completely got deleted (or) lost! And the reasons behind the lost may be unexpected. This kind of situation can jeopardize you a lot.  So, what will you do when you come across such an instance? How about resolving the problem yourself? Then, download this free version application “hard drive file recovery” utility. By which you can easily recover lost or deleted files from the hard drive. Before initiating the retrieval of hard drive, you need to understand the causes behind the vital data loss of hard drive and this may help you in avoiding data loss in future.

Some of the Major Troublemakers for Data loss on Hard drives:

  • Accidental Deletion: When you accidentally delete a file by selecting an important one along with the other files which you don’t need, result in the deletion of file. If you empty Recycle Bin without checking its content, you could lose data from your hard drive.
  • Header Crash: Header is the important part of your hard drive, which contains all relative data information present on the drive. If the OS fails to read information on it, which may result in inaccessibility of data present on the drive.
  • Accidental Format: During the process of formatting, If you select the wrong drive and click the ‘Format” option, you may lose all the corresponding data of that drive.
  • OS Re-installation: While performing re-installation of the OS, selecting the wrong drive instead of the intended drive to install OS may result in the deleting entire data from it.
  • Bad Sector: A Bad sector can occur on the hard disk due to software as well as hardware issues. This may cause the data to become unreadable even though all the data is still present on the hard drive. This internally causes data loss.
  • Other Causes: Switching off the computer forcefully while it is operating, MBR corruption, etc. may lead to loss of files on hard disk drive.


  • Never install the “hard drive file recovery” software on the same drive / partition where data loss has occurred.
  • Always perform backup of files regularly to avoid data loss on hard drive.

Outstanding features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility:

This hard drive file recovery application has simple user interference and can get back files from all popular hard drive creators like Hitachi, Western Digital, Toshiba, Apple, Ampex, Honeywell, IBM, Lomega, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Siemens so on. It recovers files from drives formatted with file systems like FAT, FAT-16, FAT-32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ etc. By using this software you can actually preview the file before restoration. Download and install the free version of the tool, and check the true performance of the application before buying the paid one.

Best Way to Fix Corrupted MP4 Video Files

Fix MOV is one of the effective and powerful repair application that supports to regain corrupted or damaged MP4 video files on latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system such as Snow Leopard, Windows Server 2008 R2, Yosemite, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Mountain Lion, Windows 7, Mavericks, Windows 8, Windows XP etc. You can repair MP4 video files damage or broken because of round tripping or modification of the file format. This repair software is totally free from all types of malicious threats.

MP4 video file is a digital multimedia format generally used to store audios, subtitles, still images, and videos. Video files are supported by different gadgets namely iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and so on. At times, MP4 video file might get corrupt because of various factors. Are you facing any kind of corruption issues on MP4 video files and you can’t able to play video files on media player? And are you searching for best repair tool to fix broken video files? Then don’t worry, here is a solution to repair your corrupted or damaged MP4 video file by using Fix MOV application.

Let’s see factors behind the damage or corruption of MP4 video files:

  • Virus or Malware Infection: Malware is one of the general reason for corruption of MP4 video files so that you can’t able to play those virus infected video files. In order to overcome from harmful virus install latest antivirus tool on your system.
  • File Conversion Error: Suppose you are trying to convert your MP4 file into other file extension like AVI, MOV or FLV file format with the assist of converter tool. During this process if you encounter with any sort of interruption issues then there is a chance of damage or corruption of MP4 video file.
  • Sharing via Network: Most of the time you shared your files MP4 video files and other files like RAR, AVI, DOC, MOV, PPT, PST etc., though LAN/WAN connection. While sharing or moving these files if network connection get fails because of shortage of power supply or any other issues then it results in damage or corruption of file.
  • Other Factors: Apart from above mentioned factors there are some other scenarios that leads to corruption of MP4 video file are media player corruption, downloading error, video file are audio-video synchronous error, etc.

Why Fix MOV Application?

Fix MOV software is a capable to repair audio and video files within few minutes by using effective scanning algorithms. Apart from MP4 video files this software also repairs other corrupted files such as AVI, MOV, RAR, DOC, PPT, PST, MP3, DOCX, etc., within a span of time. It has user-friendly interface options you can fix corrupted files successfully and effortlessly. You can make use of Fix MOV software to fix corrupted MP4 video file which is stored on different devices like memory cards, pen drives, computer hard drive, iPods, USB hard drives, SD cards, MMC cards, etc. With the aid of this repairing software, you can easily fix damaged, corrupted, or broken MP4 files, which aren’t able to play on any multimedia player.

If you want to check the performance of Fix MOV tool than you need to download free demo edition. After this if you feel satisfied with the fixing tool then you can purchase full version of this repair application to save results. In case, if you face any difficulty in fixing corrupted MP4 video file then connect the technical team.


Best Way to Fix Damaged Video File

Quite Often you might have faced situation when a movie you are watching turns erratic. Video clips become unwatchable due to bad quality, frequent disruption, or at times might be not playable at all. So what’s the catch? How video files become unplayable? And most important is what to do? Or which one is best video file repair software?

Today’s article has dug deep down on these issues.

A video file is collection of images, audio and other data. Video file format contains following information-

  • A container type: All the video files are formulated to store some kind of data which may differ based on the extension type. AVI and QuickTime MOV are two examples of container types.
  • The video and audio signal: This is the actual video and audio data. It contains information’s such as frame size, aspect ratio etc.
  • A Codec: Codec refers to the software that is used to encode and decode the video signal. Video applications use a codec to write the file and to read it. It may be built-in to the program, or installed separately.

Other than mentioned formats there are some RAW formats also which are used only for high end commercial purpose.

A video file is more prone to any kind of corruption or damage as codec is not yet that much sophisticated to provide long readability. A video file can get damaged even if it’s left in hard drive for a long time without any use.

Corrupt video file might raise glitches like bad audio video synchronization, still video, at times blurred images and many more. These problems might cause due to a hardware or software malfunction. While hardware issues are difficult to attain on the other hand software glitch can be fixed with just some clicks.

The software issues like Bad driver installation, incomplete downloaded video file, malfunctioned video player, damaged or broken video codec, broken or missing header information and virus or Trojan attack might cause video file to behave erratic.

If software malfunctions persist for long time it will cost of complete break down of a video file. If that video clip matters more than just a clip then you might e looking for video file repair software.

Video file repair software repairs the video file by adjourning the missing links. The software scans through the file to determine the possible damages and repairs according to the predetermined strategies.

The notable Video Repair Tool is best suited for fix corrupt MP4, MOV, XVID videos etc. This tool is capable of repairing audio and video file separately and later rejoins the streams for seamless play of the video file.

Video repair tool is efficient enough to repair video files which are corrupted due to CRC errors, missing info in header area, and even broken codec. It can repair latest version of MPEG video files stored on hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, IPods etc. The tool occupies a small area in the free space and comes with lifetime support.



Software to Restore Hard Drive Files

Hard Drive is an essential part for every Computer. It can store system related data as well as personal data. Hard drive can store data for a long time period. There are many types of HDD such as SATA/SCSI/IDE/ATA/PATA/SAS and so on. Some hard drive manufacturing companies are Seagate, Hitachi, Maxtor, Quantum, Iomega, Western Digital, EMC Corporation etc. These types of hard drive provide many facilities like storage data facility, power saving, easy to use, long-lasting nature and many more. But even though after such spectacular features, sometimes users may experience data loss problem from hard drive due to many reasons. That time you may get worried and thinking about How to restore hard drive files?

Anyway whatever may be the reason for corruption or deletion of files from hard drive, you must have to try one of the best recovery software named as Hard Drive File Recovery Software which will definitely help you to recover data from HDD.

Reason for Corruption/ Deletion of Files from Hard Drive:

  • Boot Sector Corruption: Boot sector is one of the main parts of the hard drive which holds essential data about the partition table. If this boot sector is corrupted due to any unreliable programs or any other reasons then there is a chance of hard drive corruption due to which you will not be able to access any single file from the hard drive.
  • Virus Infection: Virus is the main reason for hard drive corruption. If you are downloading data from unreliable site or using of any virus infected device such as pen drive, memory card etc on the system then these viruses may enter your system and there is a chance for corruption of the file structure, freezing the system and corruption of the hard drive and makes your data inaccessible.
  • Bad Sectors: Presence of too many bad sectors on hard drive may make the system corrupt and denies permission to access any drive from it. Bad sectors mainly occur due to virus or abrupt shut down of system while the system is in use.
  • Other Reasons: Some other reasons behind the corruption of files from hard drive are uses of third party application, OS formatting process, boot sector corruption and so on.

If you are facing data access problem on the hard drive due to above mentioned scenarios then try Hard Drive File Recovery Software. By the use of this software you can perform the file recovery process from hard drive effortlessly and in matter of minutes.

Magnificent Features of Hard Drive File Recovery Software:

  • This amazing Hard Drive File Recovery Software includes an inbuilt powerful scanning engine using which it scans the entire corrupt hard drive to retrieve all type of files such as audio, video, document, images etc in quick time period.
  • It performs quick and safe recovery of hard drive files as it is hassle free.
  • With the aid of this wizard you can restore files from corrupted hard drive of any versions of Windows such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 with great ease.
  • Hard drive file recovery tool is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.X and above such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.
  • These restored files can be saved on basis of their name, size and file type.
  • You can make use of demo version of this tool which is available free of cost and know how to perform corrupted hard drive data recovery in few simple clicks of mouse.
  • You can save the recovered files on any external storage devices like CD/DVD. Flash drives etc.

How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card?

SD Card (Secure Digital Card) is an ultra thin flash memory card designed to provide high-capacity memory in small size. SD cards are used in many portable devices such as audio players, digital video camcorders, handheld computers, digital cameras, and mobile phones. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS based platforms.

Keeping the important files, documents, video files, etc with safety and security has become a tough task. People are taking precautionary measures to prevent losing of important files from storage devices including SD cards. When key files are lost because of your simple mistakes, then it will be hurting situation for most of you. Some common mistakes done by users like accidental formatting of the partition or formatting the wrong partition without having the proper knowledge of formatting process. All these type of actions will results in huge loss of files from device. Many users have the belief that formatting of SD cards will erases the files permanently. Do not worry because it is not the truth.  You can easily restore all the formatted files from hard drive by using amazing tool like recover formatted SD card in most comfortable steps.

How SD Cards get formatted?

  • Accidental Formatting:Sometimes you may accidentally format an SD card while working on it with unwanted haste. As a result, your precious files will get deleted
  • Formatting the Wrong Drive: Consider you want to format an internal hard drive partition on your hard drive. But instead, you just formatted SD card that contains precious data. What will happen after this?
  • SD Card Format Error: Use of the same SD card on multiple devices may produce an error called SD card format error. If you encounter this error, you will have to format SD card before any further proceedings.

The above mentioned are some of the causes for the SD card to get formatted. Recover formatted SD card software helps you to overcome these causes with their advanced features.

Note: Always make backup SD card, do not remove the SD card while transferring data, and use good anti-virus software to prevent virus attacks.

Special Features of Recover Formatted SD Card Software

  • The software canrecover formatted SD card on both Mac and Windows OS based computers.
  • Audio files of different formats like wav, mp3 and video files of formats such as mpeg, avi, and mp4 can be recovered using this software.
  • The software recovers TIF, JPEG, TIFF, JPG, GIF photos, RAW files and other audio and video files from SD card very easily.
  • It can recover flash card data after format error, RAW error, transfer error, etc.
  • It can recover data from different types of SD card brands such as Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Sony, etc.
  • Using this recovery product, you can restore files from different types of memory card like SDXC, XD, SDHC, CF, Mini SD, Micro SD, SD, etc.
  • Apart from SD card data recovery, you can use this tool to get back data from hard drive, USB flash drive, iPods, Firewire drive, and so on.
  • It provides preview option to view the recovered SD card data prior to restoration. You have to get its licensed to save the recovered data to your desired location.

how to create a password reset disk for windows 7

If you are not a frequent user of computer then there are chances of forgetting password on Windows 7 PC. Forgetting the Windows 7 system password will make it impossible to access the files stored inside your PC. Under such circumstances, you need to reinstall the OS or you need to create password reset disk for windows 7. But, the users who are unaware of creating the disk process in order to reset the system password may get desperate. In this scenario, you don’t need to be tensed in order to rescue the stored Windows 7 data you can create the new password using password reset disk for Windows 7and you can easily gain the access to your stored files.

If you forgot Windows 7 operating system password, and you do not have any disk to reset the Windows 7 lost password. Then, you need to create password reset disk for windows7 PC. Otherwise, you need to perform the reinstallation of Windows 7 that will erase all your stored data from hard drive. Therefore, few people may go for this option but few may search for some other options.

The simplest way to reset win 7 passwords is to create password reset disk for windows 7 that can be done as follows:

Option 1: If another administrator system account is available then follows these simple steps:

  • Run exe as administrator. Open command prompt using Run prompt given in start window of the desktop.
  • After that provide user name and new password in order to reset the password of locked Windows 7 account.

If you are unable to follow above mentioned solution then you can use other two given options that are also widely used:

Option 2: Install and run the Ubuntu software of latest version 10.10

  • After installing browse the ISO file inside the files of Ubuntu software then select the USB drive.
  • Now, set the permission of file size, and then create a bootable Unbuntu Live USB.
  • Enter into system BIOS setting by rebooting the PC and set USB as a first bootable device.
  • Restart the system and follows the given instruction to create password reset disk for windows 7.

Option 3: You can also reset the Windows 7 PC password using Windows Password Genius that doesn’t require any disk or USB drive.

  • Download and install the Windows Password Genius application on the computer and insert a rewritable USB, CD/DVD drive.
  • After inserting the disk or USB device select that device and start burning in order to create password reset disk for windows 7.

Tips on Using Windows Defender in Offline Mode

Windows Defender Offline is a standalone application used to identify malicious and additional unwanted software like rootkits that attempt to install themselves on a personal computer. This application might run instantly, or it might run at suddenly and it works by scanning an OS to ensure the accuracy of any communication the OS has with the Internet. If there is an application regarded insecure means it will ready to act the user and obstruct the contents of the application till the user either accepts or denies the threat.

You can run Windows Defender Offline tool which might help you to resolve the reformat issue on the system.  It might also give important information on the virus or malware infection that could assist to defend other systems in the location.

The most important advantage of using this application is that it runs before malware can hide. The virus malware itself may interrupt the antivirus software’s efforts to examine and take action and then communicate to the user. While running an “offline” tool such as Windows Defender Offline, you are carrying your own well perform operating situation with you beside with the scanner and then running the scanner and examining the potentially cooperated hard disk’s OS, applications and data. As such, there is integrity in the computer through the “offline” scan. Malware that is extremely deep-rooted in the operating system won’t have the opportunity to run and hide before the scanner starts. The malware lives on the disk wherever it can be originated but is not truly running, so it is reserved from being able to interrupt and hold up with the scanner’s actions.

Basic Steps to Utilize Windows Defender Offline

Step 1: Find an empty USB flash drive or CD, DVD, with a minimum 250 MB of storage free space. On the uninfected machine, download and launch Windows Defender Offline tool that will assist you install it on your above mentioned storage devices.

Step 2: Insert the Windows Defender Offline storage media you formed in Step 1 into the infected system restart that system then you will be encouraged to run a scan.

Step 3: Scan your system for malicious programs like virus or malware program.

Step 4: If Windows Defender Offline detects any malware or virus on the infected system, it will let you to clean the system and which will remove the infected files.

Windows Defender Offline will remove malware by following these four steps when you’re using the tool. If you have been confident in Windows Defender to download and launch Windows Defender Offline and it is more important that you should confirm that your data and system is not compromised.