Windows 8 File Recovery Software

Are you the user of Windows 8 operating system? Have you come across the file loss situation on Windows 8 system? Not finding the files from Windows 8? Need the best recovery solution for lost files on Windows 8? No need to get panic, just be Relax because you have come to the right place where you get a permanent solution on the recovery of files on Windows 8 with ease.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system which is developed with many advanced features. Windows 8 operating system supports home and business Laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs, servers, etc. With the use same NTFS or FAT32 file systems as the previous Windows OS, loss of files from Windows 8 can be predictable. Sometimes you might delete a wrong file instead of deleting unimportant files, accident format might happen or loss of file takes place when you attempt to clean the PC with junk files. You thought that you can restore all the deleted files later from the Recycle Bin but when you opened the Recycle Bin you were shocked to not find those files.

One of the important factors which is to understand is that way to become a victim of loss of files from Windows 8? While you can easily make your data safe by following some simple steps by keeping all the important files out of reach of children, make clones of hard drives, using updated Antivirus software, evaluating hardware performance on regular basis.

Factors responsible for the loss of files on Windows 8

  • Usage of a un-appropriate program to remove temporary or unused files from the Windows 8 system
  • Frequently copying the files from one location to other and stopping the copying process abruptly
  • Overwritten files with the same name but with different actual data
  • Harmful malware or virus attack deleting directory structure also makes the file inaccessible
  • Restoring Windows to previous restore point also causes deletion of newly created files from the system
  • File system corruption
  • Abrupt shut down of Windows 8 system

How to recover files on Windows 8

In order to recover lost files from Windows 8, you have to get reliable Windows 8 file recovery software. Windows 8 file recovery software has easy to use interface that offers you a simple step which can be followed by any non-technical user to perform file recovery operation on Windows 8.

Windows 8 file recovery software uses an advanced scanning technology to read the original sector data from the hard drive in read-only mode. This software scans the lost files, rebuilt the original drive partition, directory structure. Recovery of files from the Windows 8 system can be 100% without losing or altering original properties.

Important tips

  • Always take legitimate backup for all the important files regularly
  • Use only updated antivirus application on your Windows 8 system
  • Do not use any unreliable tool, use only trusted third-party software’s on your system