Convenient Methods to Wipe Hard Drive

Hard drives are used to store important data including office, personal, project related files, etc. Nowadays storing vital files on the hard drive is becoming very common for all computer users. What happens when you sell out your computer to other people? There may be possibilities of hacking your personal passwords stored on hard drive? In order to avoid hacking of personal password users go with two options including formatting of a hard drive and deleting all files from hard drive. However, it is a wrong belief that formatted or deleted files cannot be recovered and they lost permanently. Now, it is very easy for other people to gain your data present on a hard drive and this software explain to you how to wipe drive.

Consider the situations forces user to use this utility are: virus attack to the hard drive, deleting hard drive files. Virus infection to files present on hard disk leads to severe corruption of files at that time you may go with option formatting. After formatting, data cannot be erased permanently and again there may be possibilities of occurring virus too hard drive files. Hence, in order to remove virus infected files from computer and to make hard drive free from virus, there is need of using this well-known software. Last one, deleting the files from the hard drive cannot erase data completely from the hard drive; by making use of third-party utilities, erased data can be stored easily. Hence, to avoid misusing your password-protected files it is necessary to use this application. Therefore, in order to sell your computer to some other person, you need to perform cleaning of the hard drive so that third party person cannot recover confidential data from hard drive.

Important features of this program are:

  • This software can perform wiping the hard drive clean by overwriting it several times by using data shredding patterns.
  • This utility is referred user-friendly tool to clean the hard drive and logical drive without difficulty.
  • By making use of this common program, you can wipe the hard drive safely and securely.
  • This widespread application can delete the hard drive data that is not erased completely by using Shift + Delete key.

Every sector of a hard disk is sanitized with fresh data to make it irrecoverable and to wipe hard drive data completely, there are nine sanitization standards developed by international institutions and they are as below:

  • Fat Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26_RLL
  • US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.2-M)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization_ NATO standard
  • Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion
  • DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  • German: VSITR-US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M) + Gutmann method
  • Gutmann method

This popular program can be able to clean hard drive data from HP laptop, Dell laptop, etc. By making use of this hassle-free application, you can easily wipe files from hard drive of several types like SCSI, IDE and SATA of popular brands like Hitachi, Toshiba, Buffalo, Seagate, etc. This utility performs wiping of the hard drive of various file systems including FAT 16, NTFS, FAT 32, etc. With the aid of this software, you can easily clean hard drive on Windows Operating system of several versions.

Repair Your Corrupt PST file in an Easy Way

MS Outlook is the well-known e-mail application. It marks its own landmark every filed. It commonly used in an organization to carry manage information. This email client stores data folders such as emails, attachments, contacts, personal folder, notes, calendar entries and other items in a table called Personal Storage Table. However, sometime this PST file gets corrupt and you lose your entire Outlook data. PST file is like a backbone of MS Outlook if it gets corrupt Outlook stop responding.

When PST file gets corrupt, you will get following error message “the file adcd.pst could not be accessed”, “Close Outlook application, it has encountered a problem”, “CRC error”, “cannot find xyx.pst file”. After PST corruption, you will no longer be able to access Outlook profile and lose your important data present on your Outlook including your emails, calendars, contacts and etc. There are uncountable reasons which may corrupt your PST file and make it inaccessible.

Reasons for PST file corruption

  • Sudden system termination, when PST file was in use is the most common reason for PST corruption. This happens due to an abrupt power surge or voltage fluctuation.
  • PST file is having some defined size limit in every version of Outlook. If PST file reached its file size limit it gets corrupt.
  • Sharing PST files between different networks is very risky. As these networks have lots of catastrophic elements, which may corrupt your PST file.
  • Spyware attack on system hard drive, where the PST file is stored also brings PST file corruption.
  • File system corruption during OS reinstallation, OS failure, MS Outlook up gradation, Server crash, Hardware crash, MS Outlook malfunction, can also be the reason for PST file corruption.

Way to overcome from PST files corruption issue

In order to counter this corruption, MS Outlook has an inbox repair tool also called “Scanpst.exe”. Which repair the internal structure of the PST file and repairs it, but sometimes this tool fails to respond and cause further corruption. The tool also doesn’t repair PST file, whose size is more than 2GB. Now you will ask what to do if scanpst.exe not working? In such situations, you need advanced PST repair tool.

PST repair software is a wonderful tool to repair damaged PST file. The application rigorously scans the severely corrupt PST file and recovers all the items such as contacts, attachments, journals, tasks, notes, calendar items, personal folders, sent items etc. Along with repairing the PST file, this tool recovers all the deleted emails and includes them in new PST file. How to repair PST file question is now having a perfect answer as PST repair tool.

How to repair corrupt PST file using PST repair tool?

Download and install PST Repair software to your computer. Run the software and make use of open PST file option to open the corrupt PST file. I don’t know the exact location of the PST file, then use find PST file option to search for the corrupt PST file. If you want to select a specific Outlook profile, then go for Outlook profile. Choose the appropriate scanning method.  Select the destination path and click on repair. It is suggested to close the MS Outlook before executing repair operation. As the tool completes the repair process, you can preview repaired Outlook emails and other elements like contacts, notes, journals etc.

Precautions to be followed

  • Before installing software make sure that drive should have free space of 50 MB.
  • Close your Outlook application, before performing PST repair process.
  • Maintain a suitable backup your PST file data, it will help you at the time of data loss.
  • Don’t try to access corrupted PST file several number of times, as it leads to further corruption.
  • Close your Outlook application properly after use.
  • Remove unwanted emails regularly, it will help you to avoid PST oversized problem.
  • Don’t shore your PST file on a public network or unsecured server.
  • Use upgraded virus protection tool on your system, to protect your PST file from virus attack.

Windows 8 File Recovery Software

Are you the user of Windows 8 operating system? Have you come across the file loss situation on Windows 8 system? Not finding the files from Windows 8? Need the best recovery solution for lost files on Windows 8? No need to get panic, just be Relax because you have come to the right place where you get a permanent solution on the recovery of files on Windows 8 with ease.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system which is developed with many advanced features. Windows 8 operating system supports home and business Laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs, servers, etc. With the use same NTFS or FAT32 file systems as the previous Windows OS, loss of files from Windows 8 can be predictable. Sometimes you might delete a wrong file instead of deleting unimportant files, accident format might happen or loss of file takes place when you attempt to clean the PC with junk files. You thought that you can restore all the deleted files later from the Recycle Bin but when you opened the Recycle Bin you were shocked to not find those files.

One of the important factors which is to understand is that way to become a victim of loss of files from Windows 8? While you can easily make your data safe by following some simple steps by keeping all the important files out of reach of children, make clones of hard drives, using updated Antivirus software, evaluating hardware performance on regular basis.

Factors responsible for the loss of files on Windows 8

  • Usage of a un-appropriate program to remove temporary or unused files from the Windows 8 system
  • Frequently copying the files from one location to other and stopping the copying process abruptly
  • Overwritten files with the same name but with different actual data
  • Harmful malware or virus attack deleting directory structure also makes the file inaccessible
  • Restoring Windows to previous restore point also causes deletion of newly created files from the system
  • File system corruption
  • Abrupt shut down of Windows 8 system

How to recover files on Windows 8

In order to recover lost files from Windows 8, you have to get reliable Windows 8 file recovery software. Windows 8 file recovery software has easy to use interface that offers you a simple step which can be followed by any non-technical user to perform file recovery operation on Windows 8.

Windows 8 file recovery software uses an advanced scanning technology to read the original sector data from the hard drive in read-only mode. This software scans the lost files, rebuilt the original drive partition, directory structure. Recovery of files from the Windows 8 system can be 100% without losing or altering original properties.

Important tips

  • Always take legitimate backup for all the important files regularly
  • Use only updated antivirus application on your Windows 8 system
  • Do not use any unreliable tool, use only trusted third-party software’s on your system

Best Utility to Erase Files Permanently

In this advanced technology, due to the increase in memory size of the compact devices, everyone depends on the digital devices to store their crucial files. Digital devices like system hard drives stores all your files, folders, personal documents, etc which you might not want to share with others. But in some situation when you need to sell your system to others it will be necessary for you to erase all the files permanently from the computer. If you have erased all the files by simple delete option or Shift deleted key combination by Emptying Recycle Bin but still can be recovered all those files by using the recovery tool because when you erase any files from the computer it is not erased permanently but it only marks it as deleted and makes the free space that was previously used by that file.

Assume that you are having the memory card in which you have stored all your pictures, videos, music files, etc. One fine day you decided to sell that memory card to some stranger. You erased all those files just by using delete all option from your mobile phone in which memory card is being attached. After some time you come to know that all those erased files can be easily recovered by the stranger if he uses the recovery tool. Because you have also recovered erased files by using the recovery tool. In such situation, you will be thinking of how to shred files permanently from the memory card. Don’t worry it can be possible to erase all the files permanently by using this file eraser tool.

Some of the situation where file eraser is needed

  • Wiping search history: When you are using the public system or share another computer, if you don’t want people to see your searches then it is necessary to wipe your search history from the computer hard drive. This can be done by using this file eraser tool.
  • Maintenance of secret: Assume that you have assigned a secret project and you have developed on your system to make research and operations regarding that project. All of a sudden you were asked to change the system, in such an instance if you don’t want to let your project files to be public then you can use this file eraser tool to erase all the files forever.
  • Occupancy of memory space: When you encounter the situation like the files that you saved on the hard drive is infected by a virus and is not removed by deleting then it will be necessary for you to delete those files forever as it consumes more memory space with no usage. Hence these files can be erased permanently by using this tool.

To overcome all the above-mentioned scenarios you can use file eraser tool that effectively erases all the files permanently from the computer hard drive.

Some of the features of this software are mentioned below

  • This tool also provides you an option called “wipe free disk space” to erase previously deleted files beyond recovery from a drive.
  • This is the perfect file eraser software to erase sensitive data from different versions of OS like Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Win server, etc.
  • This software has a context menu integrated option that helps in Erasing files or any folders anywhere from the Windows and also it erases links to recycled files.
  • You can easily demolish files stored on various partitions like FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 formatted hard drive partitions.

Download the free demo version of this erasure tool from the internet and you will definitely come to know the efficiency of this software.

Guide to Retrieve Erased WhatsApp Pictures from Android Phone

If you purchase a brand new Android smartphone, WhatsApp would be one of the applications that you going to install first. WhatsApp is not just a messaging App, as it revolutionized the role smartphones in the field of communication. You can send text messages, images, videos, etc. conveniently to your friends whoever has installed this application. WhatsApp maintains a separate folder on your smartphone for storing downloaded pictures. When you download any pictures from WhatsApp, such files will reside in that WhatsApp images folder.

Situations may arise where WhatsApp pictures stored on your Android phone get accidentally deleted by a number of reasons. You don’t have to get tensed thinking about the loss of files. Because there is a professional software available to recover deleted WhatsApp photos from the Android phone. Its name is Android Smartphone Recovery software. It has the capability to recover deleted WhatsApp pictures from android within few mouse clicks. It supports the recovery of picture file formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc. This tool effectively scans both internal and external memories of your Android phone for deleted WhatsApp photo recovery from Android phone.

Various Reasons behind Picture Deletion from Android Phone

  • Sometimes while viewing pictures of your WhatsApp gallery on your Android phone, you may accidentally select delete option from image actions. As a result, pictures may get deleted from your phone.
  • Pictures can also lose from your phone while you are deleting some unwanted gallery items. While marking unwanted pictures, there is a chance in which your selection include important files also.
  • There is one more instance of accidental deletion. Suppose you were receiving images sent by one of your friends on WhatsApp. Suddenly, a message came indicating you’re your memory card was full. In order to receive more items, you deleted some pictures from your memory card. After a while, you realized that the pictures that you deleted were very important.
  • A similar situation is applicable while the transfer of pictures also. Imagine, while transferring WhatsApp pictures from your Android smartphone to a computer, instead of sending an important file, you selected the delete option.
  • Sometimes, use of some photo editor apps downloaded from untrusted sources can lead to the deletion of important WhatsApp images.

To overcome these types of scenarios, you have to maintain a proper backup of all WhatsApp images. Also, you have to take much care when selecting photos from your WhatsApp gallery. If you avoid too much rush while viewing photos, it will definitely help you for overcoming a good number of deletion scenarios. Another important point is, don’t download android apps from untrusted source. If you lose pictures again even taking care of all these precautions, then use Android Smartphone Recovery software to recover deleted WhatsApp photos from Android.

Advanced features of Android Smartphone Recovery software

  • Android Smartphone Recovery software is capable of recovering deleted pictures from an Android phone that are deleted due to accidental formatting of SD card.
  • This software retrieves not just images files. It can recover popular media file formats such as MP3, WAV, MP4, M4V, AMR, AVI, MPG, MIDI, and so on.
  • By using this software, you can retrieve files from improperly mounted SD cards.
  • There is an option to save recovery session, to avoid rescanning of the device.
  • This software can be installed on Windows operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Free customer support.
  • This software can undelete erased WhatsApp pictures from memory card types such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, xD, CF and MMC of manufacturers like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, LaCie, Sony, etc.

Efficient File Shredder Software for Windows 7

All of the erased files that are erased in the normal way in the system don’t really disappear however it still remains on the system within an inaccessible condition. You will find many situations by which permanent deletion of files is needed. Sometimes you allow computer for repairing by removing a few of the documents, pictures, etc that are saved onto it. However, you discover that some pc repairmen has retrieved all those erased documents and photographs in the system and misused them. In cases like this, it’s important that you should remove the files permanently on the system drive.

Consider one the situation like, you’re returning rented memory card. But the thing is you’ve saved all of your photos on this memory card also it still reside on that device. You’ve erased all those files by connecting to the system and used “shift delete” key combination and has formatted the drive. However, this process won’t remove your files permanently and it’ll be still intact with that device. Later you discovered that those files continue to be retrieved by them and it was misused. It is because erased files may be easily retrieved using the recovery tools that are available in the market. Hence what you will do in this situation, never be stress because you can avoid this situation by using the file shredding software that permanently deletes all of the files and can’t be retrieved forever.

A few of the additional factors through which you’ll need a file shredder

  • For security purpose: Most of the corporate require it for permanent deletion of data from their database, government offices, institutes, many security agencies make use of this software to delete data permanently as it is crucial and secret.
  • Sharing computer systems with your co-employees: You’ll be storing a lot of your files in your system drive, however, when the problem arises to share the system with your co-employees, you need to delete all of your files permanently to ensure that no-one can recover all individuals erased files that are personal or official.
  • Useless Files and folder: System files like windows temporary files, internet files, internet cookies, folders could be shredded easily which are saved on various locations on computer drive using file shredder Windows 7 software.

Due to each one of these factors, it will likely be essential to use file shredder software that supports you to definitely eliminate all of the files in the system drive or in the other hard drive permanently. It securely overwrites the files that you want you to remove and guarantees it can’t be retrieved again forever. Click this link, to obtain more details about this software. 

A few of the features that come with this file shredder software

  • All the data that is erased by sing Files Shredder windows 7 is beyond repair and recovery.
  • This software will also support for removing files permanently many storage devices like SD cards, hard disk drives, memory cards, exterior drives etc and in addition it includes a context menu integrated options that can help in deleting files between the windows 7.
  • Because of their superior drive wiping facilities and advance file erasing algorithms will help you shred entire hard drive along with other storage drives permanently.
  • This tool makes you know how to shred files on Windows 7  as it supports to delete certain files completely from the system.

Just download the disposable demo form of it from the web and evaluate its functionality.

Recover Files From Accidentally Formatted iPod

iPod is the most loving media player which is popular restore-mov-files-from-ipodamong young generation who enjoy watching videos, listening to music, viewing photos, etc. Apple introduced the iPod based on their size and usability such as iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, etc. These devices allow users to store their favorite music, pictures, videos, documents, etc. While you listening to your favorite songs, suddenly the files go missing due to accidental format or because of formatted error. In such case, you need to use third-party software like iPod Recovery software which can easily recover your formatted iPod with great ease.

Common Reasons behind a loss of Files due to the formatting of iPod:

Accidental Format: When your iPod is connected to Mac operating system for transferring or syncing with iTunes, you may unintentionally format the iPod instead of formatting volume on Mac system. As a result of which, you will encounter with huge data loss.

Intentional Format: You may need to assign a new file system to iPod to free it from frequent error or slow performance. But, if you format the iPod without taking the backup of your data then it may erase your favorite songs and other media files from it. In such situation, you can take the assistance of iPod Recovery software to recover files and music from formatted iPod in few clicks of the mouse.

Corruption of iPod: You may lose files from iPod if your iPod gets corrupted because of the virus attack or malware threats and mishandling of iPod.

Besides these, there are some other reasons behind loss of files but don’t get panic. You can just take the aid of iPod Recovery software to perform iPod recovery after format. This software comes with advanced scanning algorithm which scans your entire iPod and recovers files and music from formatted iPod.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always avoid using the iPod once the formatted is done to prevent overwriting of files.
  • Take a backup of important media files that are present on iPod before formatting.
  • Check carefully while deleting any files from iPod.
  • Take proper procedure while transferring files from iPod to other storage device or vice-versa.

 Features of iPod Recovery software:

  • This software is capable of recovering music as well as various files such as videos, documents, etc. files from iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, etc.
  • iPod Recovery software recovers files from Apple iPod media player as well as from other music players which are used on Mac based system.
  • Apart from iPod, this software is capable of restoring files from a USB drive, flash drive, system hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, FireWire drives, etc. in a short span of time.
  • This software is compatible with all latest version of Mac operating system such as High Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc.
  • Along with Mac OS files recovery, this software also works on Windows operating system.

An Effective RAW NTFS Partition Recovery Software

“Hello, recently my 500GB Seagate FreeAgent GO drive malfunctioned due to unknown reasons due to which I was unable to access it. I had put a lot of efforts over the past few days. After connecting to different machine internally, I discovered that my hard disk NTFS partition has been deleted and the drive is now RAW! All my files and folders are still on the drive. I have scanned the HDD with some third party application and all data was still presented in it. Since my hard drive partition got deleted. I am a bit worried about this situation whether this application may recover. Can someone suggest me a good and widely used retrieval application to recover RAW NTFS partition? Thank you”

recover RAW NTFS partitionWell as a user irrespective of the hard disk drive brands you could simply lose data from your drive regardless of its causes. So the first thing you have to know after losing data from your RAW hard drive partition is to not lose hope and do not panic! As there are a lot and lots of emerging new RAW NTFS partition recovery utility by which you can easily get back data from RAW partitions. But, as a user you should carefully choose the RAW hard drive partition recovery application as some uncertified malware application can also lead in overwriting on the data presented in it or can also delete the data or might also result in a loss the data permanently. So, choosing the optimum tool is the first priority or the action needed. So, if your concern about your data from the deleted or lost RAW NTFS partition the why not chose this most widely used application “NTFS Recovery Software”.

Features of this tool:

  • This software is the most widely used program recommended by most of the individual computer users, organizations etc.
  • It a a certified utility which is bug-free, virus free, malware free and also corruption free.
  • This application never overwrites the data which got deleted or lost from the RAW NTFS hard drive partitions.
  • Apart from recovering data from the RAW NTFS partitions, it can be also used to get back data from various other RAW hard drive partitions file systems like FAT-32, FAT-16, ExFAT, NTFS5 and so on.
  • You can sort the retrieved files or folders which were presented on you deleted or lost RAW NTFS partition by name, size, date of creation, date of modification, data of deletion etc.
  • This tool can recover all your RAW hard drive partition file systems from both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Some of the reasons associated with data loss from NTFS partition:

  • While reinstalling/installing the operating system on your machine you could accidentally delete a hard drive partition. After installing the software you could find one of the partitions has gone missing and on disk management utility you can find your NTFS partition stating RAW.
  •  Apart from this sometimes you could also get following error message in your NTFS partition such as “drive:D is inaccessible. The parameter is incorrect” also “file is corrupt or unreadable. Please run Chkdsk utility to fix” etc. could make you forcefully format the NTFS partition which results in data loss.

Most Effective Method to Recover Deleted Folders from MS Outlook

In these days many of the organization use MS Outlook as the primary application as it stores all the data like contacts, calendar, notes, contacts, journals, emails, etc in PST file. If this PST file gets corrupted due to various reasons then it leads to the loss of important folders stored on it. Sometime you might delete the entire deleted item folder from the MS Outlook to make some free space but late you realize that the particular folder contains some of the important files that are now required to you. There are many reasons for which your MS Outlook folder gets deleted from the PST files.

Accidental deletion from the MS Outlook application will be the major reason that leads to the deletion of the folders from the PST file. Now let us consider one of the scenarios like You try to open PST file in your MS Outlook. As soon as you opened, you come across the error message displayed “cannot display the folder, Outlook PST cannot be accessed”. This will be due to the corruption of PST file that has resulted in inaccessibility of the folder stored in the PST file. But don’t be panic at this situation use the relevant PST file recovery tool. This software is extremely safe that also recover deleted folder in outlook which is caused by various reason.

Some of the scenarios for the deletion of folders from MS Outlook

  • Empty folder option: When you delete the folder in Outlook, it is redirected to be stored in Deleted Items folder. While performing some restore on deleted item folder you may accidentally press on “empty folder” option that causes deletion of all the files and folders stored in the deleted item folders.
  • Unintentionally deleting the folder using shift delete: If you delete any folder from MS Outlook by using Shift delete key combination on the keyboard then it will cause permanent deletion of data.
  • Abrupt System shut down: When you are using Outlook for sharing some of the personal folders with one of your friends. You remember some other work and opt for a most deadly step to shut down the system abruptly. Thus it results in deletion of folders from the MS Outlook.
  • Email stored for a long time: There will be a lot of emails stored in deleted items folder if you were not making any periodic check and clear them. As you delete new emails or if you have a huge amount of junk mails that have to be deleted, on deletion if space is not available in Deleted items then the old emails stored on it will get deleted automatically which might have contained some important emails.

These are the common reasons that result in deletion of folders from the MS Outlook. In order to overcome all this situation employ the best-deleted folder recovery software tool that retrieves all the data stored in the PST file. Just have a look at this site, to know more about this recovery software.

Some of the features of the recovery software are mentioned below

  • This software performs fast retrieval of deleted files and folders from Windows operating system.
  • Effectively rescues deleted files from partitions from RAID1, RAID0 and RAID5 array.
  • It allows you to recover files from hard drive such as SCSI /SATA / IDE etc., flash memory cards that includes XD, MMC, SD, and Memory Stick etc., USB external drives, FireWire Drives and iPods.
  • If the PST file is corrupted during up-gradation of Outlook then it can be easily recovered by using this software.

Download the free demo version of this recovery software from the internet and then you purchase its licensed version to save those recovered folders which are deleted for various reasons.

Corrupted PST File Repair Software

In this modern era, Outlook application plays a vital role. Many of the people connected with this and reply on Outlook so that you can exchange the info. In this Outlook app, PST file acts as the main storage drive on own system and stores an unlimited, emails, tasks, calendars, journals, appointments and many more attributes. Simultaneously as there are many advantages with PST file, it furthermore it also carries some disadvantages likewise. Corruption of the Outlook PST file frequently leaves you in vital stage with data loss, because of this, it’ll be mandatory to repair the damaged PST file to recoup lost data.

Do you want to know how this Outlook PST file gets corrupted? If yes, you can find a wide variety of reasons that cause corruption on PST file. Consider that your PST file has been accessed within the network. Then your PST gets damaged because of many issues with the network connection during reading/write operation. Therefore Microsoft never advises this Outlook files within the network. Also because of any hardware or software malfunctioning, PST files could possibly be unusable and also unreadable. Learn about some other reasons that end up with a corruption of PST file,

  • Any sought of harmful viruses or even malware attack
  • Failed Outlook PST compaction procedure
  • Sharing PST file in the network path
  • Oversized Outlook PST file
  • Header file corruption of PST file

After corruption of PST file, you will no longer be competent to access your own items stored on the Outlook application. And you lose your important data which includes emails, calendars, and many others. Then you get the following error message whenever your PST record is corrupted, “cannot find Outlook PST file”, “file. pst could not be found”, PST file are not found”, and many others.

All these factors which are mentioned above cause corruption of Outlook PST file. Due to this all the Outlook attributes stored on it becomes inaccessible. In such instances don’t be panic, instantly take the advantage of Outlook corrupted PST file repair software that has a unique concept to mend corrupted PST and also reclaim all the lost data. This software scans the actual corrupted PST data to extract the data and creates a brand new healthy PST file format with the extracted information.

Additional functionalities of Outlook PST repair tool

With this superb PST repair tool, it is possible to successfully repair corrupted PST file with various issues. Using this application, it is possible to repair even the password protected file. This software package also supports to mend all the Outlook mailboxes as well as Inbox, Outbox, Deleted items, Sent items, drafts and much more. Outlook PST repair software is usually an advanced repair utility that supports well in all of the different versions which includes Outlook 2000, 2007, 2003, 2010,2013, 2016 and so on. With the assistance of this software, you’ll need not for you to rethink about how to repair corrupted PST data on Outlook 2007.